Xnews: Dark Web Dealer ‘OxyMonster’ Forfeits

Robert Scola, US District Judge has enforced a 20-year prison sentence on 36-year-old Gal Vallerius under the name of “Oxymonster” on the dark web drug hub Dream Market.

  • Xnews: Dark Web Dealer ‘OxyMonster’ Forfeits
Previously in June, CCN mentioned that the French-Israeli citizen was arrested by police at Atlanta airport in 2017 while gracing its presence at the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Austin Texas. He will now start his prison term in Southern Florida after being condemned of money laundering and narcotics trafficking.

In his plea agreement, Vallerius self-confessed to selling drugs like oxycodone, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and Ritalin in exchange for digital currencies comprising Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash on the dark web. More than 100 BTC and 121.95 BCH – equal to over $700,000 – detained from him as proceeds of illicit activity will now be surrendered to the government.

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